About Us

About Us

About RheumCareers

RheumCareers is an initiative of the Ontario Rheumatology Association’s Manpower Committee. Our goal is to encourage and support young rheumatologists to make a difference by choosing to practice in a desirable Ontario community in need.

RheumCareers Contacts & Ambassadors

Please contact the ORA Administration Office at admin@ontariorheum.ca for: general inquiries regarding career opportunities in rheumatology in Ontario, assistance programs for students and residents, the RheumCareers website, or the Ontario Rheumatology Association.

If you are a student or resident, you are encouraged to contact either the ORA Administration Office or one of our featured cities’ volunteer ambassadors. We are happy to assist and guide you in starting your rheumatology career.

Peterborough Ambassador: Dr. Jane Purvis, jane@rheumcareers.ca
Kingston Ambassador: Dr. Henry Averns, henry@rheumcareers.ca
London Ambassador: Dr. Nikhil Chopra, nikhil@rheumcareers.ca

Emails sent to these addresses are vetted by our website administrator. If you are a patient and wish to contact your rheumatologist, please contact your clinic directly. Physicians cannot answer medical-related questions over email due to privacy concerns.

Ontario Program Directors

A list of rheumatology program directors who are happy to answer questions from students is available on our Program Directors contact page.

About the Ontario Rheumatology Association

The Mission of the Ontario Rheumatology Association (ORA) is to represent Ontario Rheumatologists and promote their pursuit of excellence in Arthritis care in Ontario through Leadership, Advocacy, Research & Education, and Communications.


To learn more about the ORA, please visit the association’s official website at http://ontariorheum.ca