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Diversity & Worship

Diversity & Worship

Kingston is home to a variety of ethnic, cultural, and religious communities. With a growing population, there are many services and ethnocultural organizations to help newcomers feel at home. Queens University also serves as a beacon of diversity within the Kingston area.

Services for New Residents

Immigration Kingston provides support for immigrants to the city. While their services might not be as much use to a Canadian-trained rheumatologist, they may be valuable for family members who are moving with them. The organization provides language training, employment and placement support, as well as connecting you to local associations to help newcomers integrate.

Immigrant Services in the Kingston Community Health Centres also provide support and services in French, Mandarin, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Celebrations of Diversity

Kingston is home to the Kingston Multicultural Arts Festival celebrating diversity and cultures from around the globe. It features a diverse array of food, performances, and workshops from various cultures. The multicultural roundtable at the festival draws participation from many local cultural associations.

Kingston has held an annual pride parade for over 25 years in celebration of the LGBT community, tolerance, and civil freedoms.

Places of Worship

Kingston has services available for most religious denominations. Immigration Kingston offers an extensive list at