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Professional Opportunities

Professional Opportunities

Kingston offers a lot of choice to young rheumatologists. The city offers an array of professional opportunities and supports a variety of practice settings.

Practicing in Kingston

Kingston has a wide referral base that includes Brockville through to Oshawa, including from areas in Ontario’s north and even from Ottawa.

Kingston offers the advantages of a small community with the backing of a larger city’s support and medical community. Kingston General Hospital (KGH) is an academic teaching hospital, which promotes a great deal of congeniality and support from other specialties.

The rheumatology community has very close ties to many of Ontario’s First Nations communities, including large Cree populations to the North and Mohawk populations to the East and West of the city. Patients fly down from as far as Moose Factory, and there are opportunities for you to fly up and see patients in northern communities and reservations.

There are both community and academic career opportunities in Kingston, and teaching and research opportunities can be pursued in association with Queens’ medical school.

Community Practice Opportunities

Kingston offers young rheumatologists the potential to choose the terms of their practice and the type of rheumatology that they want to do. There is excellent access to lab and radiology services in all parts of town. You can establish your own practice, or join an existing one.

Among the array of career opportunities, Dr. Henry Averns, RheumCareers’ ambassador for Kingston, is currently looking for a part-time associate for 2-3 days per week. Henry has a very well-equipped office including ultrasound.

Dr. Averns and the ORA are happy to help rheumatologists come to Kingston and offer their full support to anyone who will help contribute to the improved care of rheumatology patients in the city and its surrounding areas.

Visit Kingston

To learn more about Kingston from the rheumatologists that practice there, and to set up a funded visit, please contact the Ontario Rheumatology Association or our Kingston Ambassador:

Dr. Henry Averns, RheumCareers Kingston Ambassador

Ontario Rheumatology Association Administrative Office