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Diversity & Worship

Diversity & Worship

London is a major metropolitan centre with a growing population and increasing diversity. Over 21% of the population identify as immigrants.

Services for New Residents

There are numerous services that provide support for newcomers to the London area. Immigration London and Middlesex County provide immigration support services. The Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP) in London is a collaborative project whose goal is to strengthen the role of local and regional communities in integrating newcomers as well. The London Cross Cultural Learner Centre (LCCLC) has been helping new immigrants settle since 1968.

Celebrations of Diversity

London’s Sunfest, Fiesta London, Latino Super Festival, and International Food Festival are testaments to London’s diversity and welcoming environment. The London Multicultural Club celebrates diversity and integration and organizes events. There are a large number of ethnocultral and religious associations that also organize events within the city.

Places of Worship

London has services available for most religious denominations, including several options for members of Christin, Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim faiths. More information is available here: