A thriving city rich with parks, festivals and culture
191.5 km / 2hrs from Toronto (SHOW MAP)



London combines the conveniences of a major city with quiet and safe residential neighbourhoods, short commutes, and close proximity to cottage country and Great Lakes Erie and Huron.

Housing prices in London are notably better than comparable regions in Ontario. The city is in a midst of a residential building boom that is providing a range of new options in all corners of the city. The market offers choice between new-builds and homes in established communities and historic neighbourhoods.

The average price for a home in London was $243,000 in Q4-2013. Two-storey homes averaged $267,300 and executive detached two-storey homes averaged $336,500. Compared to the high prices found in Toronto and the GTA, large and luxurious properties are easily accessible to rheumatologists. In many cases, you could purchase a beautiful home in a great neighbourhood and purchase a nearby waterfront cottage or investment property for the same price as a single family home in Toronto.

London’s rental rates are also very affordable. One bedroom units average $784/month and two bedrooms can be had for $1002/month.

The savings on real-estate translate to a very high quality of life, and provide opportunities for investments in your retirement and your children’s future.