City amenities and culture at the gateway to cottage country
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Peterborough is a thriving city at the doorstep of the Kawarthas, Ontario’s world-famous cottage country. Peterborough offers a spread of attractive living and working options for rheumatologists and their families.

Choose your lifestyle with options ranging from the bustle of Peterborough’s downtown to an idyllic cottage life on the lake. Practice options are similarly varied, including the Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) featuring a staff of 2000 and over 300 physicians, and community practice in settings ranging from the city to laid-back cottage country. The city’s excellent public and private schools, Trent University, Fleming College, and its large technology and manufacturing base offer plenty of opportunities for family.

According to a 2012 study by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards, Peterborough residents are the happiest in Ontario, with 94.2 per cent of residents indicating that they are satisfied or very satisfied with their life.

Peterborough Ambassador

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Dr. Purvis practices at The Medical Centre, a multi-specialty clinic in Peterborough. She is active in the rheumatology community and has served as president of the Ontario Rheumatology Association.