City amenities and culture at the gateway to cottage country
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Dining & Entertainment

Dining & Entertainment

Food & Drink

Peterborough’s core has more than 60 restaurants representing everything from multicultural cuisine to fine dining. The city has many bars, pubs, and cafés serving fair-trade coffee and craft beer from local brewers. The distinctive café district features wide, patio-friendly sidewalks, and is a great place to grab food or drinks.

As a city that hosts a university and a college, Peterborough enjoys a thriving local economy and there is always a plethora of great dining options and a diverse selection of cuisines to choose from.

Arts & Culture

Peterborough’s arts and culture community has a strong grassroots scene and the city features several indoor and outdoor venues. Theatre options are wide-ranging, and musical choices range from popular touring acts to catching the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra (PSO) at the Showplace Performance Centre or one of several other great venues.

The city is host to a number of special events and festivals, including the Peterborough Music Fest that features twice-weekly free outdoor concerts by the lake in the summer. For carnivores, the annual Peterborough Ribfest is a must. Arts and craft fairs and shows are popular, including the noteworthy Buckhorn Fine Art Festival.

Everyday Entertainment

Peterborough is like any other city and is served by major theatre chains including a large and modern Cineplex entertainment complex.

The Peterborough Farmer’s Market is a popular destination for produce, crafts, and snacks. The Landsdowne Place mall satisfies shoppers fashion, accessory, and electronics needs.

Peterborough’s location means that residents can readily enjoy activities such as rock climbing, ziplining, and kayaking that big-city dwellers can only dream about. Sports are always a popular entertainment option for Peterborough residents, and youth and adults alike enjoy soccer, hockey, and lacrosse year-round, both indoors and out.