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Diversity & Worship

Diversity & Worship

Peterborough is home to a number of ethnic, cultural, and religious communities and is becoming increasingly diverse as its population grows. There are a number of services available to connect newcomers with their desired communities, and to help the family members of rheumatologists who may require language training or other assistance.

Services for New Residents

The New Citizen’s Centre (NCC) is the main provider of settlement and integration supports for newcomers. Their services include language training and assessment, information and referral, interpretation and translation, employment assistance, counselling, community bridging, and education. The NCC supports residents from over 90 countries.

The Peterborough Partnership Council on Immigrant Integration (PPCII) exists for promoting, advancing and supporting coordinated immigrant integration in the Peterborough community and is closely affiliated with the NCC.

Peterborough also offers a Workplace Integration Program (WIP) that helps pair businesses with foreign-trained professionals. This program may be helpful to rheumatologists’ partners or other family members.

Celebrations of Diversity

Peterborough celebrates a Multicultural Canada Day Festival. Following the Canada Day Parade, Del Crary Park plays host to performances, cultural groups, and food vendors serving traditional dishes from around the world. The Little Lake Musicfest follows and ends with a fireworks display.

The Abraham Festival is an annual three-day multi-faith festival that is held every April in Peterborough. The festival aims to celebrate the common roots of Christianity, Islam and Judaism and to work towards justice and peace.

Peterborough has organized an annual Pride Parade since 2003 and Pride Week takes place in September of each year.

Places of Worship

Peterborough is home to numerous churches of various Christian denominations. The mosque, Masjid Al-Salaam, is run by the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association. The Beth Israel Synagogue has existed in Peterborough for over a century. The Buddhist Place is available in Peterborough, and a new temple is currently under construction in Bethany Hills, approximately 20 minutes south of the city. The Dharma Centre of Canada is located an hour north of Peterborough, in Kinmount. The Palyul Foundation of Canada is near Madoc and the Zen Forest can be found near Tweed, both about an hour east of Peterborough.

Other local faith communities include Jain, Sikh, Bah’ai, and Quaker (Society of Friends).

The New Canadians Centre can help connect new residents to local faith communities.