City amenities and culture at the gateway to cottage country
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Peterborough offers rheumatologists an unparalleled quality of life vs. Toronto and the GTA, and is only a 1.5-2 hour drive away from Toronto’s downtown core.

The average price for a new single-detached house in Peterborough was $328,000 in 2013, with a median price of $295,000.

Peterborough real estate is a relative steal compared to Toronto, where detached homes regularly go for more than $800,000, and the GTA, where average home prices are pushing past the $450,000-500,000 mark. You can buy an entire home in Peterborough for less than a “shoebox” bachelor condo in downtown Toronto!

Rental rates within Peterborough are also extremely affordable. As of late 2013, average rent rates in the Peterborough census metropolitan area were $622 for a bachelor apartment, $778 for a one bedroom, $915 for a two bedroom, and $1,085 for a three bedroom apartment.

With the money you save on primary housing, you could buy a cottage on the lake, toys like boats or high-tech mountain bikes, or invest towards your retirement or your children’s future. Large properties, big yards, plenty of activities, and safe neighbourhoods are the perfect setting for raising a family.

Source for Peterborough Housing Prices: Peterborough Examiner