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Professional Opportunities

Professional Opportunities

Peterborough offers rheumatologists a range of professional opportunities that will satisfy your career and lifestyle goals.

Practicing in Peterborough

Peterborough is medium-sized city with a large referral base, so your rheumatology practice can be as busy as you desire. The current wait time for routine consults that have already been prescreened is 6 months. Patients are referred from Lindsay, Cobourg, Belleville, as far east as Tweed, and from as far north as Algonquin Park.

The two rheumatolgoists currently working in Peterborough are only following inflammatory disease, with noninflammatory conditions being seen by physiatry and general internal medicine.

Peterborough features infusion clinics for all IV drugs, excellent Arthritis Society therapy interaction with prescreening and consult service, as well as hospital-based hand therapy and private physiotherapy clinics. Subspeciality services include 5 orthopedic surgeons including foot/ankle surgery as well as hand surgery with MCP arthroplasties. CT/MRI is available with negligible wait times at 3 local hospitals. The Peterborough Regional Health Centre offers all services except cardiothoracic, spine, and neurosurgery.

Community Practice Opportunities

You can establish a solo practice or work with an established rheumatologist (on EMR). You can purchase or rent clinic space in town at one of several well-established, well-run facilities. Most clinics in Peterborough have onsite labs and diagnostic imaging.

Currently no hospital affiliation of any kind is required, though participation in on-call duties and hospital clinics are available in Peterborough and surrounding hospitals.

Educational opportunities also exist within Peterborough. Queen’s University offers a 2 year Family Practice residency:

Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) Opportunities

The PRHC covers a large geographic area including Peterborough and its neighouring counties, covering a substantial geographic region and servicing a population of approximately 300,000. The PRHC is one of the region’s largest employers, boasting 2000 staff and over 300 physicians.

Physician opportunities are listed at Additional opportunities may be discovered by contacting us.

Visit Peterborough

To learn more about Peterborough from the rheumatologists that practice there, and to set up a funded visit, please contact the Ontario Rheumatology Association or our Peterborough Ambassador:

Dr. Jane Purvis, RheumCareers Peterborough Ambassador

Ontario Rheumatology Association Administrative Office