Meet our Ambassadors

Introducing our Career Ambassadors

Our Career Ambassadors are a team of experienced rheumatologists that have volunteered to help rheumatology or internal medicine residents, younger clinicians, and those moving to the province find success in Ontario.

We encourage anyone with aspirations to start or join a rheumatology practice in Ontario to connect with a Career Ambassador.

An Ambassador’s Role

Career Ambassadors will share their advice and experience, and help connect mentees with any available resources and supports that could help them establish a new rheumatology practice or join an existing one.

Ambassadors are affiliated with the Ontario Rheumatology Association (ORA) executive and function as a conduit to its programs and initiatives, as well as to their colleagues in Ontario’s rheumatology community.

Community Needs

An important facet of the Ambassador Program is to help the ORA identify and engage any aspiring or current rheumatologists wishing to help address patient access issues in communities across Ontario.

The ORA executive is committed to offering extended support to such individuals and their families, to help them get settled and start seeing patients.

Meet our Ambassadors

Become an Ambassador

Members of the Ontario Rheumatology Association that wish to volunteer as an ambassador are encouraged to contact Sandy Kennedy, ORA Administrator: