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Dr. Wesley Fidler — Thunder Bay, ON

Preceptor Bio

Dr. Fidler began his rheumatology practice in 1995 in Thunder Bay after completing his fellowship training at Queen’s University. He is an Assistant Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. He was awarded the Best Clinical Teacher or the Best Academic Teacher for the West Campus of NOSM Internal Medicine Program three times from 2015 to 2019.

Office Overview

Dr. Fidler has a private office within St. Joseph’s Hospital, the location of the Rheumatic Diseases Program. He works in collaboration with Anne MacLeod, an ACPAC trained physiotherapist, to see patients with a wide variety of rheumatic diseases. The focus of his practice is inflammatory disease. There is dedicated time for joint procedures and bedside joint ultrasound.

Clinic Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 0830 to 1630, Tuesday 0830 to 1200 with afternoon dedicated to teaching or in hospital consults, Friday 0830 to 1200 dedicated to joint injections/aspirations and bedside joint ultrasound. There is plenty of time to enjoy the spectacular outdoors near the city.

Call/Hospital Responsibilities

There is no on call. There are occasional interesting in patient consults at either St. Joseph’s Hospital or Thunder Bay Regional Hospital seen on Tuesday or Friday afternoon.