Discover a Community In-Need

Discover an Ontario community that needs your talents

Our Discover a Community In-Need Program offers aspiring rheumatologists the opportunity to explore a new community, and scope out what its like to work and/or live there.

How it Works

Our Career Ambassadors match program participants with a local rheumatologist that works in-or-near a community in-need that the participant is interested in learning more about.

Engagements under this program can vary. An engagement could be as simple as us arranging a phone call for a participant to learn more about a community of interest to them. They can range up to include a short trip to tour the area and visit a local clinic or health centre.

No Obligation

Participants are under no obligation to settle or practice in any community that they choose to discover.

Travel Subsidy

Participants that travel may be reimbursed eligible travel expenses by the Ontario Rheumatology Association.

Program Goals

The goal of this program is to promote Ontario communities to young rheumatologists and encourage them to establish their careers in a community in-need of a rheumatologist.

The existence and promotion of this program to rheumatology residents serves to underscore the importance of addressing access-to-care issues in Ontario, and reinforces the Ontario Rheumatology Association’s commitment to support to rheumatologists that wish to help.

Apply to the Program

Please complete our online application form and our Career Ambassadors will follow-up to learn more about what parts of Ontario interest you, and discuss the career dynamic you wish to pursue.

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